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Compost Gwlan Cymraeg / Welsh Wool Compost

We would love to hear from you, if you are a farmer and would be interested in supplying fleeces for the compost or from anyone who would like to know more or to be involved.  Please contact Maya Bimson, Zero Carbon Llanidloes by emailing

Zero Carbon Llanidloes are looking at the possibility of producing a peat-free, wool-based compost locally and sustainably and to develop the compost for a viable commercial market.  This will:

  • provide an outlet for local fleeces
  • reduce wastage
  • create local jobs
  • contribute to a circular economy

Prices continue to be low for fleeces and it often costs more to shear than the price received, especially for wool from hill breeds, such as Welsh Mountain.  Some farmers resort to incinerating fleeces or sending to landfill.

Alternative uses for sheep’s wool are being developed, including for insulation, bedding and textiles but most of these require softer white wool from lowland sheep. We are exploring how tougher wool (including dags) from Welsh Mountain sheep could create a good alternative compost to peat.

In the UK, only one company (Dalefoot in Cumbria) commercially produces wool based compost.  We think there is a market for a more locally produced Welsh compost using wool from local farms and bracken from local hills. 

We are grateful for funding from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund and Llanidloes Energy Solutions (LLES) to undertake a feasibility study which will be completed by November.

We are also undertaking field trials creating wool compost in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).

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