Zero Carbon Llanidloes


Llanidloes Library of Things

What is it?

The Library of Things is a project which reduces waste, recycles tools and equipment within the community and enables those who cannot afford to buy, to still have access to tools and equipment when they need them.

Most of us have lots of items in cupboards and garages at home, which are only rarely used, if ever.  A Library of Things allows those items to be shared with others in the community, strengthening community bonds and increasing community resilience. It reduces the unnecessary purchase of yet more goods and reduces the carbon footprint associated with the making, packaging and shipping of the items.

How can I help?

We would love some help to run this service. If you have anything you could donate, or have a few hours free and could help photograph, catalogue or repair the items, please contact Maya Bimson, Zero Carbon Llanidloes by emailing

How does it work?

Go to and become a member.  Membership is free.  You can then book on the website to borrow the item/s you want for a few days or a week, for a very small hire charge. The items will have been checked and, if necessary, PAT tested prior to hire. You pick up and drop off the items in Llanidloes. The website will keep track of all the items and send reminders when an item is due back.

We are constantly growing the library so if there is something you would like to borrow which is not available, please do let us know and as more funding comes in, we will try and get it.

How is it funded and run?

We set up with funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund and Llanidloes Energy Solutions. We have now received 2 years’ funding from The Prince’s Countryside Fund. This has enabled us to appoint Osian Gwent as a part-time Project Officer to run the Library of Things. We are also very grateful to Benthyg Cymru who have given us invaluable advice and support and to our wonderful team of dedicated volunteers who help to run the project.

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