Zero Carbon Llanidloes


Llanidloes Futures Project

Two of Zero Carbon Llanidloes’ main objectives are:

To increase the availability of renewable energy
To reduce the use of fossil fuels

To further these objectives, we have set up Llani Futures/ Dyfdol Llani Project (LFP) and are now working with local people and suppliers to install Solar Photo-Voltaic Electricity Generation (PV) and to develop a community owned solar scheme.

The Llani Futures/ Dyfdol Llani Project is funded by a grant from the Welsh Energy Service. 

PV has many advantages:

  • The economic case for PV has changed dramatically over the last year. Mains electricity now costs at least 30p/unit, and will rise further in the autumn. PV electricity costs around 11p/unit over the lifetime of the system to generate.
  • Systems can be installed in a few days on house roofs (though longer on large, non-domestic roofs)
  • You do not need planning permission (unless the property is listed or in a conservation area)
  • This helps create a speedy base of renewable electricity which can be supplemented by longer term schemes such as wind turbines & hydroelectricity.

The project is initially funded to run from September 2023 to the end of August 2024 and we have made excellent progress to date:

  • We have the support of Llanidloes Town Council (LTC) for the project.
  • Our project has received mentoring from Renew Wales ( & the Welsh Energy Service.
  • We have created a list of reliable installers  who are registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.
  • We have found a source of interest-free funding for people who need to take out a loan from the Robert Owen Community Bank.
  • We have had more than 40 enquiries from householders, with 15 at present having proceeded or are proceeding to installation.
  • We are working with the Big Solar Co-Op ( developing projects on non-domestic roofs in Llanidloes, where large PV arrays can be sited. We are looking closely at 4 possible sites and are expecting the go ahead for at least two of them soon.


In the 2023-2024 period, we will be organising various event to promote solar energy in the area of Llanidloes and the creation of a community solar scheme.

We are looking for finance to set up a Llanidloes Energy Club (LEC), to enable the trading of locally produced renewable energy on more favourable terms than is possible now. A club has recently started in Machynlleth (find through The Mach LEC is able to sell renewable electricity to consumers at about 11p/unit. Extra electricity can be purchased from the partner commercial utility (in this case Octopus Energy) for about 25p/unit.

The other side of energy consumption is energy conservation. At present Zero Carbon Llanidloes is involved in a pilot study of domestic energy efficiency assessment, which feeds into the Welsh Government Optimised Retrofit Programme. We campaign for better insulation of existing and new build homes and for increased Government funding for retrofitting.

If you are interested in installing PV on your own property, or have anything to contribute to the development of a community solar scheme, contact:
Fernando Jarabo, Project Manager (

The project also has a weekly pop-up office at the Hanging Gardens in Llanidloes every Wednesday 10am-2pm and is open to chats and discussions about individual or community projects.