Zero Carbon Llanidloes

About ZCLlDG

Zero Carbon Llanidloes Di-Garbon (ZCLlDG) was launched in 2020. Our main aim is to work with our community to reduce carbon emissions within Llanidloes and the surrounding area.

We believe in taking practical action to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies we are all facing. We have identified 10 key areas where we want to make a difference:

Llanidloes Energy Solutions & Zero Carbon Llanidloes Di-Garbon

Zero Carbon Llanidloes Di-Garbon was an Unincorporated Not-for-Profit Association. Llanidloes Energy Solutions is a long standing Llanidloes charity. In 2023, the AGMs of both organisations agreed to merge.  The merger happened formally on 1 February 2024.  6 members of ZCLlDG became trustees and directors of LLES and further work is being undertaken to completely merge the two organisations

(Some members of the Steering Group at the Kite & Meadows Festival 2022)

The Board of LLES meets monthly and oversees the work of LLES and ZCLl.  The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis and provides guidance and advice to the Board.


John Bimson (Chair)

Kate Ackroyd (Treasurer)

Maya Bimson (Secretary)

Nick Salt

Kait Duerden

Duncan Burwood



Tamlin Watson

Danny Hodgson    

Fran Blockley

Ken O’Brien

Brian Marsh

Kate de Oliveira

Patrick Adams