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Connecting Communities

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The Welsh Government wants to greatly improve public transport in Wales and has aspirations to make it “the best in Europe”, with every village having at least an hourly bus, and integration of bus and train timetables. Already it is trialling on demand services, under the “fflecsibus” label, in some parts of Wales. 

Councils are invited to produce bus improvement plans which would unlock central funding.  ZCLl is asking Powys Council to upgrade the existing bus service through Llanidloes to at least hourly, with evening and Sunday services, and to make sure that the timetables allow for the best possible connections to train services at Caersws – which already run on a regular hourly pattern.

For example, Trefeglwys used to have a 4 times daily pre-bookable bus which was withdrawn in 2015. Since then people have had to be reliant on cars, lifts and taxis to access anything outside the village. There are school bus services running through the village – but these are only available for learners who qualify for transport.

Perhaps rural communities, like Trefeglwys, could also trial an on-demand “fflecsibus” – which could connect the villages between Llanidloes and Caersws? This would provide access to shops, health centres and schools, while connecting with buses and trains at Caersws.

Good public transport would not only reduce car dependency and vehicle emissions, but greatly improve the quality of life for the community. Local businesses would also benefit. The Council could also save money by not having to provide a bespoke services for schools and colleges.